how to fix a ring doorbell flashing blue

Ring Doorbell Is Flashing Blue: How to Fix It

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What does is mean when the light on your Ring Doorbell is flashing blue? And how exactly you do fix it?

The Ring Doorbell uses a blue light to indicate its operations messages. A flashing blue light does not necessarily indicate a problem with the doorbell (although some flashing signals do).

In many situations: When your Ring Doorbell is flashing blue, it means that it is processing information.

But what about the other times it’s flashing blue? What does that mean?

Let’s go through the variety of reasons your Ring doorbell light flashes blue, and when it indicates there’s a problem and exactly how you can fix it.

Why is My Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue?

There are a variety of reasons for the light on a Ring Doorbell to be flashing blue. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • The light will flash blue to indicate that it is in setup mode when you first install it.
  • If someone is viewing your Ring Doorbell’s Live View from the Ring app, the doorbell will flash blue.
  • The blue light may also indicate that the Ring Doorbell is in the process of updating its firmware or that it is currently charging.
  • The blue light may be a sign that the Ring Doorbell is experiencing connectivity issues and is trying to reconnect to the internet.

Now we’ll look more in-depth at the 10 reasons a Ring Doorbell is flashing blue and the simple was to fix each

Reason 1: Weak Battery

ring doorbell light is flashing blue due to a low battery

Whether you hard-wire the Ring Doorbell, Doorbell 2, Doorbell 3, or Doorbell 3 Plus to your existing doorbell wires at your home or office, the unit still requires a lithium-ion battery to work. When this battery grows weak, the doorbell flashes a continuous blue to apprise you.

How to Fix It

Replace the lithium-ion battery with a new one of the same size to fix the problem.

If the new battery does not complete the charging process within four to five hours, phone Ring support. A battery charge typically requires three to four hours. If you installed the Ring as a wired doorbell, double-check the cables to ensure full contact and no wear on the wears.

Reason 2: Lost Wi-Fi Connection

The Ring Doorbell of all designs and generations also flashes a continuous blue when it loses a Wi-Fi connection. If this has occurred, you’ll probably notice the other smart devices in your home also dropped connection. This blue flashing looks a bit different – the blue light blinks and the blue flash travels upward on the signal light.

How to Fix It

Check your home’s Internet connection. Try resetting your router.

If that does not work, phone your Internet provider to report an outage.

Reason 3: You’ve Restarted the Ring Doorbell

Rebooting or restarting any Ring doorbell device also causes the unit to flash blue. It does this throughout the restarting process. If it needs to recharge the battery it uses, this could take three to four hours, and it will flash blue during that processing time. If your Ring Doorbell is caught in a reset loop, then you should contact Ring support.

How to Fix It

This requires no action on your part. Simply wait for the doorbell to finish the restart process.

If, after four or five hours, it did not complete its restart or reset, or it continuously resets, the device got stuck in a reset loop, then contact Ring support.

Reason 4: Attempting to Connect to a Wi-Fi Network

Every generation of Ring doorbell products flashes blue while connecting to a Wi-Fi network. It flashes throughout the connection process.

How to Fix It

This also requires no action on your part. Simply wait for the doorbell to finish the connection process.

If this takes more than a couple of minutes, check your Internet connection.

Reason 5: Setup is Being Completed

The circular light on the front of your Ring Doorbell also flashed a special blue code when it completes its setup. This signal flashes a spinning blue light at intervals of one second when it finishes set up. You might see this when you did not go through the setup process if the doorbell cuts off during a power outage.

How to Fix It

This also requires no action on your part. When the power comes back on, the doorbell restarts automatically.

This can also occur without your intervention during an automatic firmware upgrade.

When it completes the setup, you should see four blue light flashes followed by a white circular light. This process can take more than an hour to complete because the system must completely charge again.

Reason 6: Only the Upper Half Flashes (Ring Doorbell Standard)

If your Ring Doorbell of any generation except Pro flashes blue only on the upper half of the indicator, this means the Wi-Fi password got incorrectly entered.

How to Fix It

Double-check the Wi-Fi password. Re-enter the password.

Reason 7: Only the Upper Half Flashes (Ring Doorbell Pro Model)

The upper half of the indicator light flashing blue means something completely different on a Ring Doorbell Pro. On the Pro model, it indicates that the non-removable battery finished its first complete charging cycle.

How to Fix It

There’s nothing to repair. The unit is functioning properly.

Reason 8: Fast Blue Flashes, Followed by a Spinning White Light

Sometimes, the blue flashes combine with other light colors to indicate a message. When you see a fast blue light flashing followed by a spinning white circular light, your Ring Doorbell finished the factory reset process.

How to Fix It

You need to do nothing. Your Ring Doorbell just wanted to tell you that it completed its reset and hard at work.

Reason 9: Blinking/Flashing Blue Light Indicates Battery Charging

When you first set up your Ring Doorbell, you might notice that it seems to incessantly blink blue light. This indicates a charging battery. This process takes quite some time, so expect to see this blinking blue light for three to four hours.

How to Fix It

It shuts itself off once the battery charges.

Reason 10: Blinking Blue Furiously and Making Noise

When your Ring Doorbell blinks furiously and makes noise, this signals that the doorbell system experiences serious problems. If this happens, the device emits an audible alarm while it blinks. Typically, this signals a software glitch.

How to Fix It

Try rebooting the system.

If this does not alleviate the problem, call Ring Doorbell support. The manufacturer will need to help you address the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the blue light does not blink?

Not all of Ring’s doorbell products use only flashes for communicating. Some units also use spinning blue lights and a solid non-blinking light to signal the owner about the unit’s function.

Spinning: When the blue light spins instead of flashing, that just means someone pressed the doorbell button. When they stop pressing the bell, it goes back to unlit.

Solid: When the blue light turns solid and does not blink, this indicates that you’ve activated the two-way audio. You can probably hear street noise if you live on a busy street. In a quiet neighborhood though, you may not notice this situation until someone approaches your front door and you hear it wherever you are in your home. You can easily rectify this by turning off the two-way audio using your Ring app or the control panel in your home if you had this installed.

What happens if I don’t see a blue light at all?

While blue and white top the list of the most common message indicator colors used by a Ring Doorbell, the system does use other colors, too. If you see a green or purple light, that’s normal, too. Let’s consider the color codes that Ring devices use.

  • Blue: Typically used to indicate ongoing activity of some sort.
  • Purple: The doorbell entered night mode.
  • Red: The battery needs charging.
  • Green: The doorbell successfully connected to the Wi-Fi signal.
  • Yellow: The Ring Doorbell experiences problems with the Internet connection.
  • White: The Ring Doorbell detects no saved login credentials. It’s valiantly trying to establish a Wi-Fi connection but cannot.
What do I do when nothing worked to make the blue light stop blinking and flashing?

Sometimes nothing works right. You’ll need to contact Ring support. Most of the blue light signals merely indicate that the doorbell is processing information or charging.

Like any electronic system though, things can go wrong. The blue light that just won’t turn off can signal a faulty battery, LED light, or internal circuitry has gone bad.

Contacting Ring Customer Support

Ring customer service offers different service centers depending on the country of service. Choose the number for your country of residence from the company’s support page. The Ring company offers more than 40 service center support lines for countries including the US, Estonia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and Argentina.

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