how to fix ring solar panel not charging

Ring Solar Panel Not Charging: Here’s How You Fix It

If you own the Ring Video Doorbell, you can add a Ring Solar Panel to help the battery on the doorbell last longer. While it does not fully charge the system’s battery, it adds a little bit to it each day, so you don’t need to replace it as often while charging the incumbent manually.

But the Ring solar panel can develop issues. Sometimes, it just doesn’t charge itself, and other times, it won’t charge the doorbell.

The Problem: So what do you do about Ring Solar Panel not charging?

The Solution: When this happens, you need to troubleshoot the Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Solar Panel.

The following guide addresses the majority of the problems consumers experience with the units and how to fix them.

Problem #1: Ring Solar Panel Not Charging (After 4 Hours of Sunlight)

So your Ring Solar Panel is not charging, but it has been set up for at least four daylight hours.

How to Fix It

Check the unit’s position. The solar panel needs to receive direct sunlight. It cannot be installed on a covered porch because it would not receive the appropriate sunlight. Move the solar charger to an area where it can receive full, direct sunlight and won’t sit in shade during sunlight hours. No obstruction should block sunlight from the solar panel’s front. This may require moving the doorbell camera to another area of the home, for example, the banister of the front steps.

Problem #2: The Ring Solar Panel Has Charged Fully Before, But Stopped Working

So your Ring Solar Panel receives plenty of sunlight, and it has previously charged fully. But now, for some reason, it has stopped working.

ring solar panel is getting sunlight

How to Fix It

Check all of the connections between the panel and the doorbell. If the micro cable that connects the doorbell to the panel incurred damage, replace it with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part. The Ring solar panel will not work with other USB cables.

Problem #3: The Cable Works, All Connections are Good, But Its Not Charging

So your Ring Solar Panel receives plenty of sunlight, the cable works and all the connections seem sound. But it has stopped working.

How to Fix It

Try cleaning the solar panel and unit. Do not use water or chemical cleaners on the device. Simply wipe the unit clean.

Problem#4: The Solar Charger You’ve Added Does Not Charge It

The solar charger you added to the Ring Video Doorbell does not charge it. After checking all of the above items, you’re at a loss.

How to Fix It

Check the doorbell version you purchased. The Ring Solar Charger only works with certain models of doorbells. The version with a micro-USB cable has compatibility issues with the following:

  • Ring Video Doorbell 2 (first generation)
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus
  • Ring Video Doorbell 4.

It only works seamlessly with Ring Video Doorbell 2 (second generation).

Conversely, the version of the solar panel with a fork connector can’t work with the second-generation Ring Video Doorbell 2. It is perfectly compatible with the following though:

  • Ring Video Doorbell 2
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3+
  • Ring Video Doorbell 4.

The Ring Stick Up Cam and Spotlight Cam use a different design of solar charger. The solar chargers aren’t cross-compatible.

Problem #5: The Doorbell Works, But Doesn’t Receive a Charge from The Solar Panel

You added a solar panel to your Ring Video Doorbell. The doorbell is working fine but it does not receive a charge from the solar panel.

How to Fix It

Examine the solar panel. Did you install an OEM-compatible solar panel?

Panels made by other manufacturers won’t work with a Ring Video Doorbell. The Ring company manufacturers specific solar panel modules to work with its various devices.

You’ll need the solar panel charger system designed for your doorbell, which you can order from the manufacturer’s website.

Problem #6: The Solar Charger Stops Working, No Helpful Diagnostic Info on The App

After working fine for months or even years, The Ring Solar Charger has suddenly stopped working. The Ring App on your phone doesn’t offer any diagnostic information to help remedy the issue.

How to Fix It

Physically examine your Ring Solar Panel. Look for dents, dings, and cracks in the PV panel glass or plastic.

Other common problems include shattered solar cells, panel scratches, debris lodged inside the solar module, and a developed gap between the glass and frame.

A damaged solar panel won’t function properly. You’ll need to obtain an OEM replacement from Ring. Your doorbell unit will function without it, but you may need to manually charge your doorbell’s battery before the panel arrives.

Problem #7: You’ve Tried Everything. The Solar Panel Won’t Charge or Charge The Doorbell

You’ve tried everything to this point and it still does not work. The solar panel won’t charge or won’t charge the doorbell.

How to Fix It

Before you file a warranty claim, update your Ring camera software. Also, check the Ring app for firmware updates.

These refer to two different things and you’ll need both your app and the device’s firmware to be up to date for it to function properly.

Problem #8: It Won’t Charge, Or Charge The Doorbell – There’s No Damage, Software/Firmware are Updated

Although compatible, the solar charger won’t charge or won’t charge the doorbell. You’ve checked and there’s no visible damage, the solar panel gets plenty of sunlight, and all of the software and firmware are up to date.

How to Fix It

If you’ve reached this point, and that also didn’t do the trick, it’s time to reset the entire device.

Problem #9: You Give Up. You’ve Tried Everything, But Nothing has Worked

Nothing has worked to fix your Ring Solar Panel not charging nightmare. It won’t charge and it won’t charge its compatible Ring Video Doorbell.

How to Fix It

File a warranty claim so you can obtain a replacement for the faulty item. Ring warranties all of its products for one year. The warranty applies to both parts and labor. To file a warranty claim for a device still under warranty follow these steps:

  1. Contact Ring using the phone number or support email for your country of residence.
  2. Explain the problem with your device.
  3. Ring sends a technician to your home to inspect the Ring Video Doorbell and Solar Panel.
  4. The technician typically offers one or more of three options:
    • Repair using new or refurbished OEM parts
    • Device replacement
    • Partial or full refund.

If an external issue caused the damage, such as misuse or fire, Ring will not repair or replace the unit under warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Ring solar charger work?

Mount the solar charger for the Ring Video Doorbell behind the doorbell connecting it with its included micro-USB cable. The solar charger will require at least four hours of direct sunlight to charge.

Does the Ring solar panel charge the battery?

The Ring solar charger does not provide a full charge to the doorbell’s battery. It works like a mild hybrid vehicle, adding a little extra power to a device that receives its main power source separately. The solar panel will trickle charge the battery of the doorbell one or two percent each day. This extends the battery life of the doorbell but does not replace the manual charging process.

How do I reset my solar panel Ring?

Resetting the Ring Solar Panel and reinstalling it refers to the same process. You’ll disconnect the devices completely, then set them back up from scratch. Here’s the process:

  1. Disconnect the wiring connecting the solar panel to the doorbell.
  2. Note any wires that seem loose when you disconnect them. This could be the issue. Inspect the wires to ensure the correct ones got connected to the appropriate leads in the wall. Check for physical damage to the wiring.
  3. Examine the wire plug for debris, blockage, or residue in or around it.
  4. Inspect the solar panel.
  5. Reconnect the solar panel to the doorbell ensuring strong and appropriate connections.
  6. Reset the Ring Video Doorbell’s camera by pressing the Setup button for 20 seconds.
  7. Upon releasing the button, after a one-minute delay, the camera reboots.
  8. In your Ring app, open settings.
  9. Reconnect the Ring Video Doorbell to your home’s Wi-Fi.
  10. Check the status of the solar panel. If it already has a charge, it should read “Connected.” If not, it should indicate that it’s charging from the sunlight. This requires about four hours.
How do I know if my solar panel is charging my Ring doorbell?

When you first set up your Ring doorbell, it needs to charge for about four hours. It may not seem to function at first because it won’t immediately connect to the doorbell. This is not cause for alarm since the unit’s design doesn’t activate the solar charger until the Ring doorbell’s lithium-ion battery falls to less than 90 percent charge. Once the battery’s charge reaches 89 percent, the solar charger should automatically connect to the doorbell can begin adding to its charge.

Is the Ring solar panel waterproof?

The Ring Solar Panel features a waterproof and snow-proof design. It can also withstand dirty conditions. Despite the fact that water won’t damage the unit, it does require cleaning so the PV panel remains clean and capable of functioning.

How do you clean a Ring Solar Charger?

Using a lint-free cloth, wipe clean the surface of the panel. During winter or the rainy season, repeat this cleaning at least twice per week.

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